Patron: Her Majesty the Queen

Honorary Member: HRH the Prince of Wales

Archways and Glass Roofs

Pauline Fazakerley RI, this year’s winner of the Chaoshan Watercolour Award with her watercolour ‘The Old Booking Hall’, writes about her collection:

For some reason I am drawn to buildings with archways and glass roofs. The filtered light and shadows have a soft, compelling appeal to me. The older ones in markets and stations hold a mystery that I cannot ever understand. So I have returned this year to some of my old haunts – mostly they are disappearing and being replaced by new, shiny glass and steel surfaces which I occasionally want to draw and paint but not so compellingly.

Images: L to R, top to bottom ‘The Old Booking Hall’, ‘Dawn’, ‘Going Home’ and ‘Waiting’