Patron: Her Majesty the Queen (1953-2022)

Honorary Member: HRH King Charles III

9 Members of the RI exhibit in Greece

Watercolour International IV – This biennial exhibition is organised and hosted by George Politis RI , in his beautiful city of Thessaloniki.

A gala of watercolour artists in Thessaloniki, including 9 RI members : George Politis , Rosa Sepple PRI , Deborah WalkerSteven GriffithsZhou Tianya , Aimee Birnbaum ,Varsha Bhatia and the late Sandra Walker and Andy Wood PPRI.

Opening 26 November 2018 at the EMS Gallery, Thessaloniki
Three weeks to go. Not to be missed!!!

Many thanks to DANIEL SMITH: Artists’ Materials for their support as always! — with George Politis at Thessoloniki.