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Book launch by George Butler RI


 Please join Walker Books, Razia Iqbal and I to discuss the Drawn Across Borders
on Tuesday 6th April 7pm- 8pm 

(I promise it will not be longer than an hour!) 

Please RSVP to There are limited spaces. Rebecca will send the link a few days before.

Drawn Across Borders is out on 1st April 2021 – published by Walker Books (@walkerstudio) and @Candlewick in the United States.

Buying copies and Signing books – Covid has ruined the nice tradition of signing copies, so please just imagine you are in you favourite book shop on a sunny Summer’s evening, after a day’s work – and to compensate I will be sending out signed bookplates with all the books purchased on the night. Details of how to do that to follow.

We’ll also be giving away ten signed prints – not sure how to do that over the internet yet but we’ll work that out too!

See you on the 6th.


Michael Morpurgo says:
“The Paul Nash of our era. No one has captured in art the destruction and suffering of modern warfare as powerfully as George Butler. With his pen and brush he tells the stories of the suffering of the refugee and the migrant wherever the wars are in this turbulent world. There is terrible beauty in his drawings. He means what he paints, opens our eyes and hearts to the suffering, tells the tale of our fractured humanity, helps us to know more clearly the lives of others caught up in conflict, so that we can begin to mend shattered lives, to give shelter and homes and hope where there is so little.”

A powerful, illuminating and moving book, that will open your mind and heart.  

Lily Cole

Love Reading review.  Joanne Owen

Written and illustrated by award-winning artist and current affairs specialist George Butler, Drawn Across Borders is a unique empathy-inspiring portrayal of the affecting personal experiences of twelve migrants, covering countries as diverse as Tajikistan, Myanmar, Kenya, Syria and Palestine. It’s an honest, awe-inspiring tribute to the featured individuals, a testament to the strength of the human spirit, and a timely reminder that real people lie behind every news story on migrants. Real people with real (and varied) reasons for leaving places they once called home.

Butler frames the book with brilliant clarity: “People move around the world for many reasons. Some migration is voluntary; most is not.” The written portraits are deeply personal, framed by the author’s experiences on the frontlines of – for example – refugee camps, and based on his conversations with migrants. When combined with the accompanying painterly illustrations, they create a book that draws the heart and eye to a clutch of stories that should be known.

The humanity of this artist shines out from every stroke of his brush.
Mishal Husain