Patron: Her Majesty the Queen (1953-2022)

Honorary Member: HRH King Charles III

George Butler exhibits

George Butler RI would like to invite you to his forthcoming exhibition:

“Please do come to my next exhibition ‘The First Casualty’ featuring work from Armenia, Ukraine, Iraq and elsewhere.

Chris Beetles Gallery, 8 &10 Ryder Street.
30th November – 2nd December 2022 10am-5:30pm

The subjects in the exhibition are the ones that get squeezed out of our relentless news cycle. These are stories found through deliberately slower reporting and I hope will stand the test of time.

Over 100 years since Senator Hiram Johnson’s statement about war and truth, and despite advances in technology, interconnectivity and accountability, society is still battling with the nature of truth – particularly when it comes to war.  This was what I saw alongside the words of those who experienced it. It is a different truth to the ones we read online or see on our
screens, but one of equal value.

But truth is not the only casualty. These drawings show others, Madame Olga, age 99, Volodymyr, age 7 and many other casualties of war including homes, social structure, pride, nature, love and the environment.

A proportion of the sales of the work will go towards raising a £20000 target for individuals and projects in Ukraine.”