Patron: Her Majesty the Queen (1953-2022)

Honorary Member: HRH King Charles III

Lillias August RI judges a watercolour competition for the SEAW…

During lock down, Lillias August RI, Patron of the SEAW, had the idea to invite Members and Friends of the Society of East Anglian Watercolourists to take part in a competition and submit a watercolour illustrating their idea of “holding things together”. In addition to the painting, they asked each artist to write a little story about their piece.

Lillias was asked to judge the competition. She found the words and images very moving and eventually chose two winners of which she says:

‘Colourful Connections’ by Helen Otter

This speaks to me of the mass of things going on in cyberspace that we have been so lucky to have (contact with loved ones this year, keeping in touch with the outside world etc).. It also speaks to me about the complications of the whole pandemic – all the different scenarios, approaches and statistics … which I hope will not be picked over too much in retrospect….but they will be. It’s also visually exciting and well painted.

‘Holding things together’ by Vandy Massey

I found this enchanting and moving. The fact that the beauty was all hidden away as we have been – the fact that we are waiting to open up…… very symbolic ….we can’t wait to burst forth again and appreciate lovely things for real. We all love opening things and the contrast between the drab paper bag and what is inside….. innovative and well done.