“I work from a small initial sketch and photographs often taken on the beach during a gale; back in my studio, I compose my work in Photoshop, splicing and manipulating my images and adjusting tone, colour, light and shade. From this reference, I then start painting, building up many thin glazes of transparent paint, using both wet into wet and wet on dry techniques, giving a sense of colour and depth, often finishing with a dry brush and opaque white wave highlights and splashes. I often combine pencil drawing with my watercolours to create extra random marks.”

Felicity is a member of the Society of Graphic Fine Art which holds both regional and London exhibitions, she won the Associates, ‘Best in Show’ prize in 2016. She is also a member of the Wilderness Art Collective, a group of creatives, artists, explorers and environmentalists whose work discusses the natural world and promotes preservation and care through art and other creative endeavours.

She has exhibited with the Royal West Academy, the Royal Society of Marine Artists, ING Discerning Eye, Rye Society of Artists, the Society of Women Artists, Bath Society and Patchings Festival. In 2022 she was a first Prize winner with International Watercolour Masters.

“It is exhilarating to be on a beach in a storm observing how the waves behave, with each storm highlighting different colours and shapes alongside wild stormy skies.”