Jordan Peers (b.1991) is a watercolour painter working and living in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

I have worked almost exclusively in watercolour for nearly twenty years. My practice is predominantly focused on portraiture and the natural world and heavily rooted in realism.

Regardless of subject matter I seek to create paintings that are visually beautiful, naturalistic and filled with intricate details. I have a keen interest in entomology, ornithology and natural history and hope my paintings can at times blur the line between fine art and scientific illustration.

With my portraiture I aim to capture the sitter as honestly as possible, I try to find and highlight the individual characteristics and physical idiosyncrasies of the subject that would often only be observed by someone who studies them daily. I want these portraits to be intimate, emotive and truthful and portray the sitter as they naturally are.

Whilst my still life paintings and natural history studies may differ visually and thematically from my portraits, they still stem from the same desire to capture the often unseen and unappreciated details of the subject. I tend to paint animals that often go unnoticed or are rarely observed at close range. I want the viewer to see the beauty and wonder of these creatures and subsequently see their importance and value within the world.

These particular paintings may appear macabre or morbid on the surface but like portraiture, they are really a celebration of life and a means to achieve a sort of immortality for the subject.