Having always been involved in creative work – both in the visual arts and the written including film scripts and published fiction – I decided on leaving the music industry nearly 20 years ago, that I would concentrate solely on painting. Work on paper using water based media, mainly acrylic, has now become my main focus which has proved very successful resulting in features on my work in printed publications such as the Artists and Illustrators Magazine and online both in the UK and US. Exhibitions include solo shows ‘Urban Narratives’ and ‘The City Revealed’ at the Hay Hill Gallery, London.



Group shows in other galleries include the Adam Gallery, Bath. My joint exhibition with Teresa Lawler RI ‘Seen Through A Filmic Eye’ was held at The Lightbox, Woking. In addition I have a long history of exhibiting in juried exhibitions including the Lynn Painter-Stainers Prize, the ING Discerning Eye, The British Art Prize and the RI.

My current painting explores two key areas – the figure and the urban environment – and is influenced by my continuing interest in film and television. My key focus, through the medium of painting, is how people interact with the contemporary environment. I show urban life in dramatic colour and shade by using a highly contrasting palette to additionally emphasise shape and form. I take images on camera or phone, later to be refined and honed digitally in the studio before commencing painting on paper, board or canvas. The intense colour using water based media (usually acrylic) of the finished piece is achieved by painting multiple layers, the image also changing/refining during this process with elements added or subtracted to obtain the final image.