Painting has been my passion since childhood; not a moment of my life has been devoid of its influence.

For me, painting is a vital means of communication.

The artist residency scholarship that took me to Iceland was a catalyst for immersing myself in the region’s dynamic atmosphere and landscapes, which I captured using watercolour techniques.

I endeavour to distil the very essence of the landscapes that inspire me, with an emphasis on their interplay with light.

Glaciers, skies, ice, seas, volcanoes, and ships feature prominently in my work; I frequently change the composition to more accurately express my emotions.

My artistic vision is in a state of perpetual growth, as I aim to invest a piece of my soul into every piece, whilst cherishing my vocation as a painter following in the footsteps of the great masters of painting history.


Shortlisted for the Queen Sofía Award

First Prize at the Puig Rodá Competition
José Antonio Sequí Award
First Prize from the Spanish Association of Watercolourists

Virgen de las Viñas ( Award Movialsa )

First Watercolour Prize at the San Rafael Competition

Golden Easel Award 2020 ,First Prize
First Prize in ‘The Art of Watercolor’
Artemisia Award 2020 , First Prize

Second Prize TLOC – Secretary of Culture of the State of Mexico
Second Prize Dalí

First Prize San Antonio de la Florida
First Prize ‘Gran Prior’ Plaque

Second Prize Dalí 2018

Stella Maris Award 2017 First Prize
Second Prize Puente de Toledo
Second Prize at ‘Villa Romana de Carranque

First Prize Winsor and Newton ‘Limited Editions’