Patron: Her Majesty the Queen (1953-2022)

Honorary Member: HRH King Charles III

Prize Winners at the 206th RI Exhibition 2018


The Winsor & Newton Award (£3000) to Mark Elsmore for ‘Multi-Storey’


The Winsor & Newton Product Prize to Julie Green for ‘Tangled Tide’


TheArtsBox Solo Prize to John Yardley for his group of paintings


The Leathersellars’ Prize to Nathaniel Hornsby for ‘Heat’


The Matt Bruce RI Memorial Award to David A Parfitt RI for ‘Wetland Winter’







The James Fletcher Watson RI Award to Martin Caulkin RI for ‘Tumbledown Monastic’ (not present at the Award Ceremony)


The Neil Meacher RI Watercolour Award to Camilla Dowse for ‘Tall Townhouses’


The Cass Art Prize to Sarah Wimperis for ‘One Hundred to One from The Shard’


The John Purcell Paper Prize to Diana Boanas for ‘Wedding Glow’

The Debra Manifold Memorial Award to Tianya Zhou for ‘Tibetan Old Amah’ (not present at the Award Ceremony)


The Anthony J Lester Art Critic Award to Geoffrey Wynne RI for ‘Written in Dust, Resurrection’ and Anne Lynch for ‘Waiting for the Guests’ (neither present at the Award Ceremony)


Dry Red Press Award to Mike Bernard RI for ‘The Angel & Crown’


The Escoda Barcelona Award to Clare Maria Wood for ‘Windstorm III’


The Frank Herring Easel Award to Zi Ling for ‘King Lear’


The Megan Fitzoliver Award to Harry Price RI for ‘Below the Falls’

Schmincke Award to Keith Hornblower for ‘Bangkok Building Site’