Patron: Her Majesty the Queen (1953-2022)

Honorary Member: HRH King Charles III

Water, Colour and Life on Earth

Watercolours and words for a planet under siege

featuring Naomi Tydeman RI, David Parfitt RI and Deborah Walker RI RSMA, first shown in Vicenza, re-opens in

Asolo – Sala della Ragione

5 October 2019 – 27 October 2019 

The watercolour is by nature light and precarious, sensitive to changes in temperature, light and humidity, showing that what an artist produces with this technique exists as inside a microcosm. The watercolour pigments, originally derived from rocks and other natural elements, are directly related to the elements of the Earth. Water, as the central element of this pictorial technique, flows on the artist’s paper as would a stream or a drop of water, or as a tide rises between banks, rocks and beaches. This microcosm requires special attention on the part of the artist and, like the Earth itself, has its own particular fragility.

The 28 works on display highlight not only the close connection of the watercolour with its constituent elements, but also the importance of the artistic gesture when it reflects the subtle functioning of our cosmos. Seen from this metaphorical perspective, the watercolour asks us to reflect on the destruction of the harmony of our planet, and asks artists to consider their aesthetic and moral vision on the preservation of terrestrial habitats and on the heritage of our planet Earth.

The artists:

Richard Bolton; Francisco Castro; Silvia De Bastiani; Ottorino De Lucchi; Franco Dugo; David Firmstone; Piet Lap; Marian Leven; Doug Lew; Angus McEwan; Will Maclean; Barbara Nechis; David Parfitt; Ugo Riva; Salvo Scafiti; Thomas Schaller; Tony Smibert; Keiko Tanabe; Pierantonio Tanzola; Naomi TydemanDeborah Walker; Joseph Zbukvic

During the exhibition Several groups of students are scheduled to visit and study the exhibition and it will close with a show of words & music, on 26th October 2019 at 6pm: The Perin-Tanzola Trio will perform together with actors Michele Silvestrin and Marica Rampazzo.